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Unit 1 Around Our Campus

Gina: How do I get to the main gate?

Peter: Actually, I'm not from around here. Why don't you ask that man over there?

Gina: That man looks very strange. I'm afraid of him.

Peter: That's my friend Gregory! He's not strange, and you shouldn't be afraid. He's just homesick and tired. He wants to fly back to Switzerland.

Gina: He's from Switzerland?

Peter: No, not exactly. He's from America. But he lived in Switzerland three years ago. He misses the mountains and his mother's cooking. She lives there too.


Unit 11 Famous People

Peter: How many Spice Girls are there?

Da Hye: There are five girls: Geri, MelB, MelC, Emma and Victoria.

Peter: Who is the most beautiful among them?

Da Hye: Well . . . I think Victoria is the most beautiful. And I heard she's gonna marry a soccer player from England.

Peter: Recently, I heard Geri has left the Spice Girls. Is this true?

Da Hye: Yes, I was so sad to hear that. Geri has said she wants to go to Hollywood. But it's impossible. Frankly, she's too fat and I think she has a better talent for singing than acting.

Peter: I think so. I wish she would go back to the Spice Girls.


Unit 14 Stories

Peter: What is the funniest story you've ever heard?

Kil Im: Well, I can't think of a funny story, but remember a story about Bill and Nick. It isn't that funny though.

Peter: Why don't you tell the story?

Kil Im: Bill and Nick are friends. One day, the went out for a drink to a bar. A they took their seats, Nick started to smoke. When he tried to get rid of the ash in an ashtray, it fell down to his tie and it started burning. Watching all this happen, guess what Bill said to Nick?

Peter: I don't know. How should I know?

Kil Im:Come on! You don't have to give me a right answer. It's just for fun. Take a guess.

Peter: I guess, he might say "Oh! Nick, your tie is burning." But that's a little too easy. It should not be that easy. Right?

Kil Im: You got sort of the right answer. He said "Titanic!" This story is old. When the movie Titanic came out, the story became well known by the young. Anyway, does it make sense to you?

Peter: Actually, I don't quite understand.

Kil Im: Oh, I forgot you are a foreigner who doesn't know Korean. Let me explain it to you. The sound [ti] stands for the tie and [ta] is the sound in Korean which means burn. [nic] refers to Nick. So, it means "Nick, you r tie is burning." Just like your answer, but in Korean.

Peter: Ok. I got it. It might be funny, if I understood without your explanation. Thank you anyway.

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