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101 Useful English Phrases

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Unit 1 Around Our Campus

1. Textbook: How do I get to the main gate? (p. 2)
Peter: Actually, I'm not from around here. Why don't you ask that man over there? Index

2. Textbook: Where is the Graduate School Building?
Sue Youn: Um . . . sorry, I don't know where it is. I'm a freshman. Index

3. Textbook: Where is the Graduate School Building?
In Ji: I'm not sure, but I think it's next to the Main Building? Index

4. Textbook: Which building is the Student's Center?
Yun Ju: Mmmmm . . . Let me see. I am going to the Student's Center, so we can go there together if you don't mind? Index

6. Textbook: Excuse me, where is the computer room?
So Youn: Go to the West Building. The computer room is in the basement. Index

5. Textbook: What are you doing?
Hee Young: I am going to study English. I have a test. Index

7. Textbook: How will the foreigner go to Sookmyung Women's University?
Hae Ran: First, the foreigner must purchase a subway line map and take the #4 subway line then get off at the Sookmyung Women's University Station. Index

Unit 2 Routines

Textbook: How long is Ramadan? (p. 15)
Peter: I'm not sure, but I think it's about 30 days. Index

9. Textbook: Who was Queen Victoria?
Yuri: Look at this picture. That beautiful woman is Queen Victoria. Index

10. Textbook: What do you do in the evening?
Hae Ran: I watch TV with my friends or have a conversation with their family. But, I usually enjoy radio programs and gossiping with my room mates. I live in a dormitory? Index

11. Textbook: What is your favorite holiday?
Su Kyung: My favorite holiday is New Year's Day because at New Year's Day hope springs fresh from my heart. Index

12. Textbook: What countries observe Mother's Day?
Eun Hae: Mother's Day is observed in America. Index

13. Textbook: What do many children do for their mothers on this day?
Ok Ran: I think that they will prepare a small event. Maybe they will sing or make a present for their mother. Index

14. Textbook: What is your favorite holiday?
Seung Mi: My favorite holiday is Chusock. Because I like to cook and I can see my relatives? Index

Unit 3 Entertainment

Textbook: Why do you think people like music so much? (p. 31)
Peter: Music allows us to express emotions we cannot express with words. Index

16. Textbook: Who is your favorite female singer?
Hwa Young: I am fond of Enya's music and I think that she has a mystical voice. Her music is very unique, so her music has been designated as "new age" music. Index

17. Textbook: Who is your favorite actress?
Hye Hyun: My favorite actress is Ann Heche. I think that she is a special actress? Index

18. Textbook: What is the best movie you've seen in the past 6 months?
Min Hee: "Titanic" is the best movie I've seen in the past 6 months. It made me cry and I can still remember every scene in the movie. I also like the theme song which is "my Heart Will Go On." Index

19. Textbook: What is your all-time favorite movie?
Hye Jung: My all-time favorite movie is "Gone with the Wind." I was impressed with the heroin. Index

20. Textbook: How did he sing?
Ji Won: He sang terribly. His song gave me a headache? Index

21. Textbook: What kind of music do you absolutely hate?
Bo Young: I hate Korean trot music. Index

Unit 4 Fashion

Textbook: What's important for you when you buy clothes or accessories? (p. 43)
Peter: Quality! Buy the best and it will last longer and look better. Index

23. Textbook: What's important for you when you buy shoes?
Myoung Suk: I attach importance to looks and comfort? Index

24. Textbook: Would you like to wear the uniform?
Hye Young: I don't like to wear uniforms. It's an intolerable custom. Index

25. Textbook: What do you think about sunglasses?
Hyo Jin: I think they are fantastic. They really go well with your shirt. Index

26. Textbook: Is the brand name important?
Bo Yeon: No, it isn't. The quality is more important. Index

27. Textbook: How do you like this?
Eun Young: Well, let's see. It's nothing special. Index

28. Textbook: What's important for you when you buy clothes or accessories?
Sun Young: Well, the most important factor is low price, and the next is design. Index

Unit 5 All Work and No Play

Textbook: What is she doing? (p. 48)
Peter: She's painting a picture. Index

30. Textbook: Have you ever used C++?
Moon Young: What did you say? I mean, pardon? I don't know what C++ is. Index

31. Textbook: Do your best.
Ka Young: If you do your best, then you will achieve your dream. Index

32. Textbook: What does he do?
Mi Young: He is a doctor. He is a surgeon. He performs surgical operations. Index

33. Textbook: What are you working on?
Min Jung: I'm composing a song about my last winter vacation. Index

34. Textbook: What do you do?
Mi Young: I'm an office worker. Index

35. Textbook: What are you studying?
Chae Hee: I am studying English. Index

Unit 6 Food

Textbook: What can I get you to drink? (p. 54)
Peter: I would like a rum and coke, preferably spice rum if you have it. Index

37. Textbook: Have you ever been to an Indian restaurant?
Gil Sun: No, I haven't. An Indian restaurant is very rare in Korea. I'd like to visit one sometime. Index

38. Textbook: Did you eat spaghetti last night?
Youn Jin: Yes, I did. And I ate Pizza and ice-cream. It was delicious? Index

39. Textbook: Why does the woman want to talk to the man?
Hyo Jin: When the woman loves the man, the woman wants to talk to the man very much? Index

40. Textbook: How often do you drink beer?
Eun Joo: I drink beer at every opportunity? Index

41. Textbook: Why does he often eat at restaurants?
Yong Hui: Because although he doesn't think it too much trouble to cook himself, he doesn't cook well, so he often eats at restaurants when he wants to eat food that he can't cook well. Index

42. Textbook: Have you ever been to McDonald's?
Jin A: Oh! Of course! I often have been there. But I was disappointed to hear the news that McDonald's Bulgogi Burger's meat is not real beef. Index

Unit 7 Hobbies and the Home

Textbook: How often do you ride a bicycle? (p. 67)
Peter: Never! Here in Seoul, that's the quickest way to get yourself killed. There are too many crazy drivers in big cities like Seoul. Index

44. Textbook: What do you like to do when you have free time?
Eun Ju: I usually enjoy playing racquetball. But these days I can't play, because I don't know where there is a racquetball court and I can't find a partner to play with here in Seoul? Index

45. Textbook: What do you like to do when you have free time?
Seon Ja: I often read a book or go shopping? Index

46. Textbook: What did you like to do in your free time when you were a child?
Ji Young: I used to like to watch television. Index

47. Textbook: Have you ever had a manicure?
Ki Jung: Yes, I have. I have a manicure once a week. Index

48. Textbook: How often do you listen to classical music?
Sun: I always listen to classical music. Index

49. Textbook: What hobby do you think you might enjoy when you are old and retired?
Hana: When I am old or retired, I'll have a romance. I think that loving people is good. If I love someone again, I'll take a trip with him and whisper sweet sayings in his ear. Then he won't be able to take his eyes off me. Index

Unit 8 Beauty

Textbook: Do you think Sung-A is pretty? (p. 81)
Peter: She's kind of pretty, I guess. She reminds me a bit of Demi Moore. Index

51. Textbook: Do you think women spend too much money on beauty products?
Mi Ryu: "Yes," they do. All women want to be more beautiful. So they don't care about how much money they spend. Index

52. Textbook: Do you think Sung-A is pretty?
Se Hee: She is not so pretty. Her eyes are very small and her body is very skinny. So she looks pale. Index

53. Textbook: Can my hair turn green if I dye it again?
Young Ju: Of course. Why not? But green will not fit you well. How about blue? Index

54. Textbook: Do you think women spend too much money on beauty products?
Yong Son: Yes. I spend too much money on beauty products too. Index

55. Textbook: Do you think Sung-A is pretty?
Eun Hee: Yes I do. Sung-A is really pretty. Sung-A has clear eyes. Index

56. Textbook: Did you dye your hair recently?
Jung Sun: It's been two months since I dyed my hair. Index

Unit 9 Dating and Marriage

Textbook: Would you date someone 10 years older than you? (p. 103)
Peter: No, I don't think so. However, I would date someone ten years younger! Index

58. Textbook: Would you date someone 10 years older than you?
Ki Nyun: Yes. Age is not important. Love is important. Index

59. Textbook: Do you have a boyfriend?
Shin Hye: No, I don't. I want to have a boyfriend. Index

60. Textbook: Who should be the boss in a family, the man or the woman?
Joo Young: Naturally, the man should be the boss in a family. Index

61. Textbook: Do you think it's OK for a woman to ask a man out on a date?
Joo Yun: Of course. Why not? I would ask a man out on a date. Index

62. Textbook: Do you think it's OK for same sex couples to get married?
Jin Sol: Yes, I think so if they really love each other. But they must be careful? Index

63. Textbook: In case of divorce, who should get the children? The mother or the father?
Bo Young: The mother should take the daughter and the father should take the son, because each need a role model in their life. Index

Unit 10 Your Health

Textbook: Do you organize your time well? (p. 113)
Peter: I like to think so, but sometimes I feel like I'm wasting too much time. Index

65. Textbook: Do you exercise for 30 minutes at least three times a week?
Eun Suk: Yes, I exercise for 1 hour every day. Index

66. Textbook: What do you do when you can't sleep?
Go Eun: I go out for a smoke at midnight when I can't sleep. Index

67. Textbook: Do you smoke less than 10 cigarettes a day?
Eun Jung: Yes I do. I'm a non-smoker. Index

68. Textbook: What do you do when you can't sleep?
Jung Nyo: I drink warm water. Index

69. Textbook: Do you think you get enough sleep?
Seung Eun: No, I don't. Because I have lots of homework. Index

70. Textbook: Do you drink less than 3 cups of coffee, tea, or cola?
Su Hee: Yes, I do. I only drink cola twice a day. Index

Unit 11 Famous People

Textbook: Do you like to read? (p. 131)
Peter: I usually read every day. In fact, I think reading is the most important way of improving your English. Index

72. Textbook: How often do you read for pleasure?
Hyun Sook: I read a book everyday. Index

73. Textbook: Who is your Favorite Korean author?
Kum Shil: My favorite Korean author is Park, Kyung-Ri, because her work always touches my heart. How about you? Index

74. Textbook: Have you ever met a famous author?
Seung Hee: Yes, I have. Her name is Park, Wan-seo, a famous female author in Korea. She graduated from my mother's high school. So wen she visited our school, I met her Index

75. Textbook: Who sings " I Will Always Love You?
Ji Na: Whitney Houston! This song is the theme song of the movie "Bodyguard." Index

76. Textbook: Have you ever seen the "Oprah Winfrey Show"?
Ji Young: Yes. I have seen her show on CNN. Index

77. Textbook: How often do you read for pleasure?
Ji Young: Well, I think I read books one to three times a month. Index

Unit 12 Travel

Textbook: Could you please explain again? (p. 138)
Peter: Okay, once more. Turn left and walk 300 meters. The Empire State Building is on your right. Index

79. Textbook: What kind of food did she mostly eat?
Su Yeon: She mostly eats rice and Kim-chi, because she is Korean? Index

80. Textbook: Why did she like the Empire State Building best?
Sun Young: She likes the Empire State Building best because that's the tallest building in the world? Index

81. Textbook: What kinds of things do people do on summer vacation?
Bia: Most people go to the beach. They swim, tan, and have fun with their friends. But some people stay home and just relax. Index

82. Textbook: Can you move your car?
Ae Ri: I can't move my car. I has a problem. Index

83. Textbook: Why does the man want aspirin?
Kyong Yi: The man has a pain in his head. Index

84. Textbook: Why did she like Nam San Tower best?
Min Chong: Because there, she met her boyfriend. Index

Unit 13 Around Town

Textbook: Do you want to go shopping? (p. 149)
Peter: Not really. I don't like shopping. I only shop when I have to. Index

86. Textbook: What time does the party start?
Jung In: The party starts AT 7:30. Index

87. Textbook: Where is the party?
Jee Yeon: It's at Bia's place. She lives in Pun-dang. Index

88. Textbook: What time does the party start?
Hyo Jung: Maybe the party will start at 7 o'clock. Index

89. Textbook: Do you want to go to Myung-Dong on Saturday afternoon?
Tai Soon: I'm sorry. I have to go to school. Index

90. Textbook: Do you want to go to Myung-Dong on Saturday afternoon?
Da Hye: I want to go there but I can't. I have an appointment. Index

91. Textbook: Insa-Dong is a good place for window-shopping Do you want to come with me on Friday?
Kyung Mi: Oh yeah. I'd like to go. Index

Unit 14 Stories

Textbook: Do you like to tell stories? (p. 173)
Peter: I like to make up stories. I especially like to write stories. My favorite singers are those who can tell a story when they sing. Index

93. Textbook: What is your favorite childhood fairytale?
Ji Soo: My favorite childhood fairytale is the story of "Gokkam and the Tiger." Index

94. Textbook: What do you feel about pollution?
Kyu Hee: Uhm, I think this problem is not simple. Index

95. Textbook: Do you see this face?
Hanna: Yes. The mere thought of it makes me shudder. Index

96. Textbook: Do you like ghost stories?
Young Shin: No, I don't like ghost stories. If I hear a ghost story, I can't sleep at night. But I like cute ghosts, like Casper. Index

97. Textbook: Who in your family tells the most interesting stories?
Hye Rim: My sister tells the most interesting stories in my family. Index

98. Textbook: Where did Tae Sik go on vacation?
Seung Hyo: He went to Cheju Island. Index

OTHER 3 More Phrases

99. You Jin: What's your hobby?
Peter: My hobby is knitting.
You Jin: Really? Great! I can't do it.
Peter: It's very easy. Index

100. Textbook: How do I get to Professor Peter's room? I'm at the Main Gate of Sookmyung Women's University.
Sun Mi: Go straight and you'll see the Main Building. His room is on the eight floor of the Main Building. And his room number is 817. Index

101. Textbook: Who should be the boss in a family, the man or the woman?
Eun Suk: I think that the boss should be the woman in a family, because women are more rational and decisive than men. Index

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