Applying Learning Theories
to Online Instructional Design
By Peter J. Patsula, Sookmyung Women's University, Seoul. 1999

A) System Requirements

This tutorial is best viewed on a SVGA screen (800 by 600 pixels) using Netscape Communicator 4.0, Internet Explorer 4.0, or later versions of these browsers. RealPlayer G2 software and a sound card is also recommended. Click the icons below to update your software.

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B) Getting Started

For an audio summary of the five learning theories being discussed in this tutorial, as well as, instructions on how to get the most out of this tutorial, click the real audio icon below:

You need RealPlayer G2 to hear this Audio file.

C) Acknowledgement

The following tutorial was inspired by and borrows heavily from Greg Kearsley’s The Theory Into Practice Database (1994) which is available online at

1999 by Peter J. Patsula
(this tutorial has been designed for MDDE 621 students studying
in the Masters of Distance Education Program at Athabasca University)