Endless Tale

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1: Where does the story take place?
Large Mansion
Mountain Town
Far East
In the U.S.
Korea during the 12th century
2: What is a locust?
a worm
an insect
a small bird
a bee
a type of plant
3: What did the king love to do?
sit on soft cushions
burn people
do nothing all day
listen to long stories
tell stories
4: Why did the king tell the stranger to stop the story?
He wanted the stranger to tell a new story.
It was driving him mad.
The locusts were boring.
The stranger was boring.
He wanted to have lunch.
5: What did the locust carry in and out of the granary?
a grain of sand
an ear of corn
some food
a single grain
a grain of corn
6: Where was the strange story teller from?
Ancient China
the far west
a mountain town
Las Vegas
7: For how long did the strange story teller tell his story?
six months
two years
didn't say
one year
how the heck should I know
8: What color were the daughter's teeth?
white as pearls
white as snow
white as a dove
white as ice
9: What would happen to the story teller if he failed to do as the king requested?
die the death of an animal
he would be killed quickly
die the death of one thousand screams
he would lose his head
his head would be cut off
10: What did the story teller have to do to win the princess?
tell an endless tale
make the king laugh
drive the king crazy
tell a long story
tell a good story

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